Frank Jacobs, Mount Baker

Frank Jacobs – Mount Rainier from the South, Circa 1917 (Photo 20111)

Frank Jacobs was a very early photographer and had a shop in downtown Seattle. All of the works in my collection feature hand-tinted photos by Jacobs have the original frame, backing, and a stamp from his photo show, which was located n 3rd ave.

The hand-tinting in Frank Jacob’s photos that I have seen to date is a bit more rough than works by others in my collection, yet they are still stunning. This item is signed in the bottom right corner as “Jacobs” with a copy-right symbol and the serial number of the photo or negative, 20111.

Frank Jacobs photo - Mount Rainier - 1917

Frank Jacobs photo – Mount Rainier – 1917

Frank Jacobs Mount Baker

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