Darius Kinsey, Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls by Darius Kinsey, 1922

This photo was taken by Darius Kinsey in 1922. It was taken from the upper area of Snoqualmie Falls. Anyone that has visited the falls knows how amazing they are. The photo is signed in the negative and writes: “Snoqualmie Falls, Wash, 268 feet high”, followed by “19@22 by Darius Kinsey”. This was the first photo I acquired for what is now my collection. The photo is a beautiful piece of the Seattle area history, which piqued my interest to learn and know more about antique photographs in Washington State.




When I purchased the photo, it was not framed. It is currently in the frame shown below (nothing impressive; it’s an average cheap frame from your local photo store, or Goodwill or the Salvation Army, where you can find lots of simple¬†frames).






Darius Kinsey Snoqualmie Falls

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