Asahel Curtis, Mount Rainier National Park

Asahel Curtis – Sunrise Lodge at Mount Rainier, 1928 (Photo 52735)

This is a nice hand-tinted photo by Asahel Curtis, from 1928. As I was accurately corrected by Dave, one of the site readers, it shows Sunrise Lodge on the east side of Mt Rainier (and not Paradise Inn to the west of the mountain, as I previously thought). The serial number on the photo is 52735. I have not yet seen another version or copy of this photo, and I believe it is quite unique. The coloring and frame are beautiful, and the backing and the glass are all original.

According to historical records, the construction of Sunrise Lodge completed in 1932, so it is possible that this photo was taken later than 1928, however not likely given the serial number on the image.


Asahel Curtis - hand-tinted photo of Paradise Inn and Mount Rainier from 1928, photo number 52735

Asahel Curtis Рhand-tinted photo of Sunrise Lodge and Mount Rainier from the east, 1928, photo number 52735

Asahel Curtis Mount Rainier National Park

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