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There is no shortage of natural beauty in Washington State. With awe inspiring vistas in nearly every corner of the State, it is no wonder Washington State is home to so much innovation, growth and development. Yet, in modern society there is always a risk that visions of the past may be forever forgotten to an ever evolving future. Therefore, the purpose of this collection is to document and preserve the beauty, scenery, and visual impact of the great Pacific Northwest as viewed and recorded during the early days of modern photography, at a time when the magnificence of the Pacific Northwest was as much myth as reality.

Visitors to the gallery are encouraged not just to view the collection, but to interact with it. No longer mythical, some of the most dramatic and awe inspiring sights of the Pacific Northwest are captured in these century old photographs.

Heaven is here. Washington State.

Note from the Curator: This is a continually evolving collection and the web gallery is regularly updated as new items are added to the inventory.

Early Photography and Personal Notes…

Did you know that modern photography was invented around the 1830s? That’s not that longs ago! And that color photography only became regularly available over 100 years later? Until then, many photos were printed on paper such as silver gelatine and then hand-tinted by photographers, their wives or their associates.

What about orotones? Did you ever see or held one in person (see some samples here)? They are stunning! While goldtones and orotones are often associated with artists such as Edward Curtis (the older brother of Asahel Curtis) and A.C. Pillsbury, both of whom I do not collect, amazing orotones were also produced and sold by many other artists.

Personally, I find all of this stuff fascinating. Which is why I started collecting and showcasing antique northwest photography. While I am primarily interested in hand-tinted items and orotones / goldtones, I always appreciate reviewing all other early works as well.

I hope you enjoy the site, and please feel to reach out and drop me a note… I always enjoy discussing Washington scenery and art.

Very truly yours,

– O.



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